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Bandits shoot at Mexicans. Sheriffs keep law and order. Gold prospectors defend themselves against Indians. Cowgirls and cowboys drive cattle across the plains. It’s pure Wild West!

High Chaparral presents the era of the Wild West. There are characters, shows and experiences that will make your visit exciting, educational and adventurous. It is important to us to spend time together. It is the foundation and driving force behind everything we do. This is why we often invite you, our guest, to participate in both shows and happenings.


Proclamation of Freedom

High Chaparral’s history began in 1966 when Bengt Erlandsson opened its doors. Bengt was a man with a lot of persistence, imagination and good ole fashioned perseverance, a trait typical of Småland. From the beginning, the park was meant to be a proclamation of freedom, today it is one of the country’s most famous tourist attractions. Here you may read the whole story of Bengt Erlandsson. Today, High Chaparral is run by Big Bengt’s grandchildren, brothers Emil and Philip Erlandsson.

Welcome! Be part of the adventure!

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