High Chaparral Horse Show - Western Weekend

High Chaparral Horse Show

High Chaparral is the ultimate place for a riding contest. Our arena is easily accessible for both the audience and the contestants, located right next to the park and the accommodations. What could be better than having a western riding contest in the middle of the Wild West?


Next to the arena there’s a unique market place with western equipment for both riders and horses, along with clothing, boots, furnishing and Native American crafting. If you’re interested in exhibiting, contact Joakim Erlandsson at joakim@hchorseshow.se or call 076-131 05 02


During Western Weekend reservations are only available for visitors staying the whole weekend, from Friday to Sunday.

Entrance to the park and to the competitions

During this weekend the park follows it’s regular opening hours, 10.00-18.00.
Entry tickets to the park are also valid as entrance to the horse show.

Ticket 1 day: 320 sek
Ticket 2 days: 400 sek
Event ticket for three days att High Chaparral Show: 500 sek