Lockers and carriages
You can rent lockers and carriages after passing through the entrance. Price: 2×10 kronor

Dogs are allowed inside the park as long as they are on leash.

Picnic places
There are picnic tables spread throughout the park.

Rollerskates, skateboards etc
Rollerskates, inlines, skateboards etc are not allowed inside the park.

Adaptions for physical disabilities
The park is adapted to persons with physical disabilities.

Cash dispensers
There is one cash dispenser outside the entrance at Restaurant Diligensen. You can also withdraw cash using your charge card at the bank on Main Street.

There are medics at the premises at our cottage hospital.

We have a lake at the camping ground where you can swim.

There is free parking for our guests during daytime.
Overnight parking is not allowed, only if you’re staying at one of our accommodations. In that case, there are overnight parking available in different areas.

How far is the camping ground from the entrance of the amusement park?
About 300 meters.

How far is the Hotel Big Bengt from the entrance of the amusement park?
About 40 meters.

How far are the cabin villages from the entrance of the amusement park?
About 100 meters.