Dive into the adventure! Take the train to Old Mexico, pan for gold, climb aboard a paddle steamer, help settler Sven-Erik build his house or go horseback riding like a true cowboy or cowgirl. There are lots of exciting things to experience at High Chaparral.

Journey by steam train

The whistle blows and the smell of burning coal and steam escaping from the engine blankets the station. All aboard! We’re off to Old Mexico.

The scenery passes by at a comfortable pace; you greet the other passengers and look forward to arriving in Old Mexico. Hold on. What’s going on? Why has the train stopped here? There’s no station? The panic creeps in and you realize what is going on. There are bandits on the tracks!

Price: SEK 50

Experiences - Journey by Steam train

Gold panning

Knock me sideways! There’s lots of gold here. The shimmering bits may be hard to come by, but once you’ve found some you’re hooked. And, if you find enough gold, you can trade it in for a High Chaparral dollar.

It was tough being gold prospector in the Wild West. They often had to defend themselves against both Indians and wild animals. And that’s not all. The prospectors also needed to be on their guard against competitors who gladly stole bags of gold or even worse… the deed to the gold mine.

Price: SEK 30

Experiences - Gold Panning

Pony ridning

If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride. All cowkids can take a turn on our ponies and ride like a real cowboy or cowgirl.

Max weight  40 kg
Open 10-12 am and 01-05 pm

Sven-Erik the settler

The ingenious and helpful settlers Sven-Erik and Ester Johanson has moved in at High Chaparral. They work on their house every day and they gratefully accepts help from children.

Build a house with settler Sven-Erik
11.00 am (Pre-season)
1.45 pm (High & Post-season)
Where: The new settlement, behind Mamma Dalton’s Café

Experiences - settler Sven-Erik

Kate’s Palace cancan school

High kicks, spectacular twirls and colorful skirts – join the cancan school where the charming girls at Kate’s Palace teach you how it’s done. Put on a skirt and follow along. (Skirts are available to borrow if you like).

Time: 3.30 pm (daily during high season)
Where: by Kate’s Palace

You can also watch and listen to the girls perform fantastic song and dance numbers throughout the day at Kate’s.


Stagecoaches were first used in the mid-1700s in the United States. They stormed forward at a speed of between 35 and 70 miles per hour. You could travel up to 300 miles a day.

The well-known transportation company Wells Fargo & Company had rules that passengers had to follow so that the journeys would be smooth and pleasant. The same rules apply at High Chaparral. Our stagecoaches are handmade copies of Wells Fargo’s goods stagecoaches.

Experiences - Stagecoach

Paddle Steamer

High Chaparral’s paddle steamer, Natchez, is found at the Wild West Arena located on the square next to the River City Saloon, on the way to Old Mexico.

A paddle steamer is a steamship driven forward by paddle wheel. The wheel sits on the side of the ship or aft depending on whether it runs on the sea or river.

Experiences - Paddle steamer

More Things to Experience

See 800 kg of heavy bison, visit miniature Buffalo City or Uncle Sam’s house where nothing is as it should be. Look in on the smithy, rest your feet for a while in the church and admire its biblical ceiling and wall paintings or try pony riding. At High Chaparral, there are experiences for all types of families with children. The active, the happy and the curious. Here everyone can become part of the adventure.

Experiences - More experiences