Food & drink

It’s easy to get hungry and thirsty from the dust, excitement and adventure in the Wild West. At High Chaparral there’s something for every hungry and thirsty Indian, cowboy and cowgirl. Do you have special dietary needs? Most of our restaurants have both gluten-free and lactose-free options such as vegetarian dishes.

Diligensen Restaurant

Food & drink - Diligensen High Chaparral’s main restaurant has many flavors of the Wild West on its à la carte menu. It is likely that Diligensen also has one of Sweden’s most unique interiors with heavy timber beams, furs, jewels and ambient music. We serve lunch year-round, Christmas and Easter buffets and a seasonal à la carte menu during the summer.

Opening hours for lunch: Monday-Sunday 11.30 am – 2.30 pm



Bonanza Restaurant serves a lunch buffet with traditional fare in a cozy western environment. A generous salad buffet and well prepared food can be enjoyed indoors or on the veranda. The entrance is at the main entrance of the Diligensen restaurant.

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 15.00 pm


Kate's Palace

Food & drink - Kate's palace Kate’s Palace is High Chaparral’s saloon style snack cafe. It serves salads, sandwiches and toast and more. There are plenty of tasty morsels if you want something sweet. Take the opportunity to try your luck in a game of poker after eating.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily May – August


Kristina’s Farm

Food & drink - Kristinastugan Feel the history of the emigrants exciting life while enjoying freshly griddled waffles with whipped cream and strawberry jam with a cup of coffee or tea. High Chaparral founder Bengt was very interested in settlers who emigrated to America. It is an important part of how the Wild West was formed and naturally, this part of history should be represented at High Chaparral. Kristina’s Farm is the block house that was built for the film version of Vilhelm Moberg’s book “The Emigrants”. Here you are only a stone’s throw from the Wild West Arena, the paddle steamer, Natchez, the stagecoach and train station. Where does the adventure take you next?

Opening Hours: Weekends and High season May – August, 10 am – 6 pm


Mamma Dalton’s Pang-cake House


Mamma Dalton

Mamma Dalton whips both the pancake batter and her rascally sons into shape. Here you can find the best pang-cakes in the Wild West. Choose from American or the usual style with jam and whipped cream. There are, of course, gluten and lactose-free pang-cakes available.
Mamma Dalton’s Pang-cake House is the perfect hangout for resting up before the long trip into the Wild West where you’ll see bandits, cowboys and horses at every turn. From the terrace are nice views of the settlers’ houses, pony rides and Buffalo City. You can even line dance with Mamma Dalton each and every afternoon.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily May – August



Mexican Cantina

mexican-cantina16-9Taste a bit of Mexico with dishes such as tacos, wraps and chili con carne. All dishes are available in child or adult servings. Sit in the cool indoors or outside on the veranda overlooking the square and show site. Let Mexican beer wash down the dust from the ride, sit back and enjoy the show from the front row. This is the place to pull down your hat over your eyes and enjoy a siesta.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily May – August


Old Dave's hamburgers

Food & drink - Old Dave's HamburgersLooking for a quick and tasty meal? Stop at Old Dave’s Hamburgers and order a 1400s delicacy. Here you can quickly and easily get a Hamburg Steak or hamburger as we call them today.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily May – August


Pizzeria Manolito

Food & drink - ManolitoFreshly baked pizza washed down with a cold beer or soft drink is among the tastiest there is on a hot summer day. Although this is a new invention in the Wild West, many hungry bandits and cowboys realized that the flat edible plate hits the spot. Manolito serves pizza, kebabs, salads and baked potatoes. There are children’s pizzas for those with a little less space in their tummies. Please come in and test the infamously tastiest pizzas of the Wild West.

Opening Hours:
Low season: Sunday-Thursday 11.30 am – 9 pm, Friday-Saturday 11.30 am – 10 pm
High- & after season: Sunday-Thursday 11.30 am – 10 pm, Friday-Saturday 11.30 am – 23 pm

Pizzeria Manolito_Meny_GB


River City Restaurant

Both the lawless and the law-abiding come here for tasty salads, baguettes, coffee or a popular River City Restaurant Meal, meatballs or sausages with mashed potatoes. Sit inside or on the cool terrace.

The River City restaurant is located at Hudson Bay Square opposite the Western Arena and next to the paddle steamer harbor and has become the gathering place for all dusty cowboys, angry trappers and tough inhabitants of Indian Island. But fear not, here they must all get along since the owner Madame Whitman controls both the square and Restaurant River City with an iron fist and Winchester Rifles.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm daily.


Cheyenne Saloon

Food & drink - CheyenneWhat would the Wild West without a saloon? Cheyenne can get you something cool or hot to drink, to your personal taste and liking. Tummy growling? There’s plenty of grub fit for a hungry cowboy or cowgirl.

Opening Hours: Low season: Friday-Saturday 5 pm-11 pm, Sunday 5 pm-9 pm
High Season: Monday-Saturday 5 pm-11 pm, Sunday 5 pm-9 pm