Of course there are also opportunities to acquire proper Wild West attire and everything else a cowboy or cowgirl needs at High Chaparral. Our horses and buffalo are not for sale. At least we don’t think so.


Sweet, salty, sour, hard, soft, chewy caramel, gummy rats, licorice puffs, hockey pucks, candy canes and nutella. A visit to the Candy Store satisfies any sweet tooth and gives a little extra spring in your step.

Indian Market

indianbutiken16-9At the Indian Market on Indian Island, you can experience the Indians’ magical and historical crafts such as clothing, jewelry, dreamcatchers, and more.

Souvenir Shop

There are toys, stuffed animals, Lucky Luke gadgets, puzzles, ornaments, key chains, shot glasses, pens, T-shirts and postcards. There is something for both big and small cowboys and cowgirls. The Souvenir Shop is located on Main Street in High Chaparral.

Weapons & Leather

Welcome to a well-stocked shop where adults find everything related to life in the Wild West. Boots, coats, Stetsons, belts, rifles, pistols, holsters, bandanas, real western saddles, lassos, Native American crafts and blankets. You name it, we got it!

Young Guns

This is the first stop for all families with children because you’ll find cowboy gear in children’s sizes. Hats, boots, chaps, rifles and holsters are available in different colors and sizes to suit all little heroes up to size 140. And don’t forget to buy caps, because they go fast in the Wild West.