Colorful dances, breathtaking stunts, thrilling stories and comedy, song and music. Don’t miss our shows that transport you to the 1800s American Wild West.

The settlers Sven-Erik & Ester

Welcome to America Sven-Erik and Ester. He and his wife Ester have moved all the way to America. Every day Sven-Erik from Sweden is seen working on his house. They are grateful for all of the children’s help while at the same time teaching them a thing or two.

The journey to America, a theater and song story about emigration to America:
11 am & 2.45 pm (High & Post-season)
Where: The new settlement, behind Mamma Dalton’s Café

Build a house with settler Sven-Erik
11.00 am (Pre-season)
1.45 pm (High & Post-season)
Where: The new settlement, behind Mamma Dalton’s Café


An overzealous captain and his soldiers run Old Mexico with an iron fist, but Zorro the avenger always appears at the nick of time to thwart his evil plans. Now the Captain has grown tired of all the rumours surrounding Zorro’s heroic entrances, his rapier thrusts and the constant ridicule of his soldiers. Zorro must be caught at any price.

After the show the children get the opportunity to learn sword fighting with Zorro himself.

Zorro show & fencing school
1.30 pm & 3.45 pm (Pre-season)
1 pm & 3.45 pm (High & Post-season)
Where: Old Mexico

Show - Zorro

Indian Show

The Indian show gives you a glimpse into thousands of years of Indian culture and traditions. During the show ritual songs are mixed with ritual dances in authentic clothing and adornments. Become part of the ancient culture with tipis, buffalo, rain dances, headdresses and crafts on Indian Island.

Time: 11.00 am and 3.00 pm (daily during high season)
Where: Indian Island.

Show - Indian show

Lucky Luke Show

The city’s patron Lucky Luke has his hands full keeping his arch enemies, the Dalton Brothers, under control. The Daltons come up with new tricks everyday but Lucky Luke always manages to put them behind bars and ride off into the sunset. Lucky Luke gladly accepts the help of every cowboy, cowgirl, rifle and pistol found in this show.

Time: 12 noon & 4.30 pm
Where: Lucky Luke Arena

Show - Lucky Luke Show

Wild West Stunt Show

Trigger-happy men, fast horses, fighters and hearty wallops are all included in our fast paced Wild West Stunt Show. Welcome to the western arena for a slap-up experience that will be a memory for life. Psst. Children who are afraid of loud noises should use earplugs.

12.30 pm daily
5.00 pm daily
Where: Show Arena at River City.

Show - Wild West Show