A conference to remember

The bus suddenly comes to a screeching halt. Before you know it, the bus robbers have started taking everyone’s valuables. A conference at High Chaparral is like nothing else. With everything that a modern conference venue and an entire Wild West city can offer, we promise you a conference far beyond the ordinary.

Conference in the Wild West

Have you ever held a conference in a saloon, ridden bareback before the executive dinner or panned for gold after the business development session? We offer conference rooms from 20 to 300 attendees.

Exciting conference activities

Why not put the gang on horseback and head right out into the wilderness? Or try out some stunts and see if the marketing manager has what it takes to fall off the Saloon roof? Or if the sales guys are ready to take it on the chin at the bar?

Eat and sleep well

We are fully licensed, offer a number of different dining alternatives and various accommodations with no fewer than 600 beds, meaning that we can host everything from the board or the executive team to the entire company.

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