One hour from High Chaparral

If you’ve come a long way, you may want to take the opportunity to do other fun stuff while you’re in Småland. Although don’t forget that High Chaparral has a lot to offer to keep you fully entertained here for a day or two. But you have some good recommendations below that are no further than one hour from High Chaparral by car.

IsabergAdventurous adventures in breathtaking scenery. Do you dare to test our Tree Top Adventure?

Stall Sonakull – A bunch of four-legged activities just 6 km from High Chaparral.

GeKås UllaredKnown from channel 5’s – shop ‘til you drop. Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into Morgan and Ola-Conny.

VandalorumMuseum of Art in a building designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano.

The Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket)Småland is world famous for its glass. You’ll find here both Kosta Glassworks and The Glass Factory in Boda.


Nearby accommodation – In the high season, our campsite, our cabins and the High Chaparral’s own Wild West Inn motel are sometimes full. If this is so, you can find alternate accommodation here