Småland hit by gold fever

“One of our popular activities is panning for gold.That’s why we’re making a serious investment in building a newer, bigger attraction.Whole families will catch gold fever when they see our new gold strike.”

Lotta Edin Johansson, CEO of High Chaparral, talks about the amusement park’s latest major project. The plan is to convert a pond for gold panning. Everything will then be assembled using the existing gold sluice boxes.

“We already have a little pond with an island in the middle. But we need to build a mountain with streams in it, and the pond is being converted into a natural pool with a water level of 20 cm so that you can prospect for gold in it. There also need to be rafts to get between the island and the mainland.”

The idea is that visitors should be able to search for, dig and pan for gold around the mountain and in the streams, pond and sluice boxes, just like they did in California back in the 1850s. There also need to be boots available for borrowing, for feet large and small.

“This investment is completely in line with our strategy of being an amusement/theme park where visitors not only consume experiences, but where children actually get a chance to play like children. And yes, even the adults can help look for gold,” Lotta Edin Johansson concludes.


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Sheriff / President
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