Snuffy got the job after hard auditions

Snuffy the Pony

Until now, High Chaparral characters have been of the two-legged sort. Now they have Snuffy for company – a cheekily mischievous but kind Shetland pony.

“We feel a bit sorry for our other characters in the park, because even if most of them are extremely popular with our visitors, we think that Snuffy will find a very special place in the hearts of both old ’uns and young ’uns”, says High Chaparral’s park manager and Deputy CEO, Mattias Tambour.

We’ve had the idea for Snuffy for a long time. The intention was for Snuffy to have a relatively free role. She’ll turn up nearly wherever people are having a bit of fun.

“Yep, that’s the way it is. She’s already shown a lovely temperament. She got her name from High Chaparral’s founder, Bengt Erlandsson’s favorite horse, which he had for many years.”