Lucky Luke draws his revolver faster than his own shadow and always rides into the sunset. Zorro is known for his grand entrances and striking sword skills. Sven-Erik Johanson is a clever and cunning builder. Who is your favorite Wild West character?

Annie Oakley

With her rifle slung lazily over her shoulder, Annie Oakley gives the impression of having everything under control. And as the legendary sharpshooting star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show she’s fully entitled to think so. Annie has captivated audiences the length and breadth of the country with the breath-taking ease that she hits the side of a playing card or a coin tossed up in the air.

You’ll find Annie Oakley in the Wild West Stunt Show or when she’s helping the sheriff to lay down the law on the streets of High Chaparral.

Billy the Kid

Nobody can stop Henry McCarty, or Billy the Kid as he is more famously known. He’s always planning some new heist, and woe betide the sheriff or anybody else who gets in his way. Billy is a real outlaw and will do anything to get what he wants regardless of the consequences. When you’re hunted by the long arm of the law everywhere you go, you have to be on your guard and one step ahead the whole time. And Billy always is.

He roams the park every day with the kids getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is High Chaparral’s patron. He is best known for his ability to draw his revolver faster than his own shadow. Lucky Luke is busy keeping his arch enemies, the Dalton Brothers, under control. Joe, William, Jack and Averell Dalton are neither particularly smart nor successful but they still manage to cause trouble every day. True to his heroic nature, Lucky Luke always manages to put them behind bars and ride off into the sunset.


In a city ruled by a greedy and cruel captain, meet Zorro the Avenger. Time and again he comes to the aid of the people of Old Mexico by thwarting the Captain’s evil plans. All of Zorro’s heroic entrances, rapier thrusts and ridiculing of the city’s soldiers have finally made the Captain see red. Will the Captain finally capture Zorro once and for all?

Karaktärer Zorro

Sven-Erik the settler

Sven-Erik and Ester Johanson are clever and helpful settlers who migrated early from Sweden to the small town of High Chaparral. Listen to them tell about their journey to America and help them build their house in the new country.


Cowboys don’t talk much, always buy a drink for the man next to him at the bar and always act a gentleman. Who said it was easy being a cowboy. Cowboys, always dressed in hats, bandanas, boots and holsters, were the ones who drove cattle across the American plains, put civility on the map and kept cattle thieves at bay with lassos and six-shooters.

Over the years, countless stories and legends have been created around these legendary icons of the Wild West and at High Chaparral you’ll see cowboys and cowgirls all over the place. If you want to be sure to see them in action though, don’t miss our Western Show



Hold on to your life, the Indians are on the warpath!
With their high-pitched war cries, painted faces and horses, it’s not difficult to recognize an Indian on the warpath. During their time the Indians were extremely skilled hunters, gatherers, warriors and farmers. They moved around following the seasons and the migration of wild animals. They lived in tipis made of animal skins and put fear into the hearts of their enemies with their high-pitched war cries and war painted faces. Success on the battlefield was measured by the number of eagle feathers they wore – each feather representing an enemy’s scalp. But don’t worry, the Indians of High Chaparral are peaceful.

Do you want to experience the magic of Indian culture? Don’t miss our Indian Show.

More characters

Take the train to Old Mexico and taste the tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Ay, caramba, so good! Not quite what cowboys had eaten; on their plates were beef, pork, beans and corn bread. In the saloon, he always bought a drink for the man next to him. The Indians, on the other hand, did not have the same good manners with their war paint and loud warrior cries. They often frightened fur trappers who had to flee head over heels.

There was a lot of friction, arguments and brawls in the Wild West and it was up to the sheriff to keep the peace. He investigated crimes and decided who sat behind bars. The Sheriff’s biggest worries were bandits, scoundrels and the lawless, perhaps the Wild West’s most fascinating characters.