You can rob a bank, of course

You can rob a bank, of course. But when you buy stuff, visit or eat here, you do so by card. As of this year, the entire park is cash free.
Welcome to the Wild West!

As of this year, we are a cash-free park, and will thereby not accept notes and coins. We are making this change to assure a higher level of security for our visitors and staff, as the risk of theft or fraud is reduced when there is no cash in the registers.
And we’re also doing our bit for the environment, as the amount of cash transportation to and from the park is reduced.

All payments can be made with the most common debit and credit cards (VISA and Mastercard), or by purchasing or topping up a voucher at the park entrance or online.
With a voucher, or our special High Chaparral Card, international visitors pay less in withdrawal fees and kids can have their own card to make purchases with on their own. You can choose to be anonymous or to fill in all your details, whereby the latter option would allow us to cancel any lost cards.

No VISA or Mastercard?
One of our entrance registers takes cash, allowing you to pay the entrance fee and top up the amount you want on High Chaparral’s own payment card. You can then use the card to make purchases in the park.

When necessary, you can top up the amount on the card during the day. And when your visit is over, you can get the remaining amount back at the entrance register.

The payment card allows the kids to make their own purchases in the park, and allows those of you who want to use cash to still visit the park.

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