The Park

Cowboys, bandits and gold prospectors. Sherrifs, Indians and trappers. You can meet all of these Wild West characters at High Chaparral. There are also big experiences to be had; thrilling shows, good food and drink at the saloons and the genuine western shops. If you don’t know where to start, we usually say, “If you don’t know, let your horse do the thinkin’. But never ever squat with your spurs on.”

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Colorful dances, breathtaking stunts, thrilling stories and comedy, song and music. Don’t miss our shows that transport you to the 1800s American Wild West.

You can experience our shows in several places around the park at set hours every day. On our site you can learn more about our shows and find the ones that seems the most interesting to you. All shows are included in the entry ticket.


Dive into the adventure! Take the train to Old Mexico, pan for gold, climb aboard a paddle steamer, help settler Sven-Erik build his house or go horseback riding like a true cowboy or cowgirl. There are lots of exciting things to experience at High Chaparral.

The experiences are spread out around the whole park. Some are included in the entry ticket and some cost a little extra.


Lucky Luke draws his revolver faster than his own shadow and always rides into the sunset. Zorro is known for his grand entrances and striking sword skills. Sven-Erik Johanson is a clever and cunning builder. Who is your favorite Wild West character?

You will meet the characters during our shows, but also in other places around the park when you least expect it!